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Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) are outstanding Middle and Senior leaders (including Assistant Headteachers, Subject Leaders or School Business Managers) with at least 2 years’ experience in a particular field of expertise. SLEs have the skills to support individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools, or to develop and deliver training on behalf of a Teaching School Alliance. They understand what outstanding leadership practice in their area of expertise looks like and are skilled in helping other leaders to achieve it in their own context, for example through data analysis, coaching or joint action planning.

Teaching schools are responsible for the recruitment, assessment, designation, brokerage and quality assurance of SLEs. The SLE’s school will receive reimbursement for the SLE’s time out of school.

What are the benefits of being a SLE?

  • Receive training in how to coach and support other leaders
  • Become part of a network of outstanding leaders
  • Opportunities to work independently, to be creative and try out new ideas
  • Moral purpose: showing commitment to improving outcomes for all children
  • Develop and share your expertise; and at the same time learn from effective practice in other schools
  • Development of skills and knowledge that can benefit their own school.

SLE specialisms can range from expert subject knowledge to whole-school strands such as SEND, attendance or business management.

SLEs are at the heart of the principle of a teaching school alliance – leaders who share knowledge and best practice to help other teachers and schools improve.

Linwood TSA is building a bank of SLEs with expertise and experience across all aspects of SEND.

Recruitment :

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Linwood TSA Specialist Leaders of Education

Please see the individual pen portraits of our SLEs for their areas of expertise :

Mrs Kate Tuck 


 School: St Luke’s CE Primary

 Role: Deputy Headteacher & SENCo

 SLE Specialism: SEND

 Responsibilities: Deputy Headteacher, SEND & Inclusion, part-time year 1 class teacher

 About me: For many years, my passion has been the support & development of SEND, both in  terms of children’s progress & staff expertise.

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Nicki Priddle


School: Langside School

Role: Lower School Phase Leader

SLE specialism/s: PMLD and EYFS

Responsibilities: Monitor planning, recording and assessment for pupils with PMLD across the lower school, Reporting on assessment in the EYFS to the LA Advisor, Supporting transition to school for all new pupils.

About me: I am passionate about ensuring the most vulnerable children and young people within our community are given the very best opportunities enabling them to achieve their potential. 

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Mrs Emma Brookes


School: St. Katharine’s C.E. Primary School

Role: Teaching & Learning Leader

SLE specialism/s: Science

Responsibilities: Leading teaching and learning, science leader, Y5 class teacher, appraisal team leader, school to school support

About me: I am passionate about science and have been committed to ensuring that science teaching and learning is outstanding, engaging and exciting in all of the schools I have worked in and supported.

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Louise Gadd


School: St Katharine’s Primary School

Role: Year 4 teacher, Maths Leader

SLE specialism/s: Maths

Responsibilities: Leading maths across the school, member of SLT, School Governor, Teaching and Learning Leader, Maths Mastery Specialist

About me: I enjoy teaching and leading maths (along with other subjects) and I like to find new ways to make the subject fun and to help pupils engage within the lessons.

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Sarah Richardson


School: St. Katharine’s Primary School

Role: Deputy Head Teacher

SLE specialism/s: English

Responsibility: Leading Teaching and Learning, English Leader, Assessment, TA Line Manager, Pupil Premium, Safeguarding

About me: My passion is working with colleagues to enable them to create a learning culture and experiences that will enable pupils to become independent and resilient readers and writers.

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Claire Bradley


School: St Katharine’s CE Primary School

Role: Assistant Headteacher

SLE specialism/s: Physical Education

Responsibilities: Assistant Headteacher, Year 2 class teacher, PE leader, TA training, Pupil Progress and Attainment (EY-6)

About me: I am committed to providing children with an opportunity to experience a fantastic, engaging and positive physical education to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Fiona Pollard


School: St Katharine’s C.E Primary School

Role: Assistant head

SLE specialism/s: Early Years/ phonics

Responsibilities: Early Years class teacher, Early Years Leader, Early Years moderator. I am also responsible for raising standards in pupil progress across the whole school. 

About me: I am incredibly passionate about providing high quality learning experiences so that children can flourish.

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Teresa Brennan


School: Linwood School

Role: Deputy Head teacher

SLE specialism/s: SENCO Training, Preparing for Adulthood, AfL. P16 Curriculums

Responsibilities: Senior & Post 16 Phase at Linwood School, Health & Safety, LOTC, Data analysis

About me: A straight talking individual who believes that every student has the potential to succeed.

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Sue Bridle

sue bridle.jpg

School: Linwood School

Role: Assistant Head teacher

SLE specialism/s: Keeping Children Safe, Behaviour, PSHE

Responsibilities: DSL for Safeguarding, Behaviour, Attendance and PSHE

About me: I am passionate about promoting the health and well-being of staff and pupils as a foundation to good learning outcomes.

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