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Kate Tuck
LTSA Director
Kate Tuck LTSA Director

From September 2021, we will no longer be able to call ourselves Linwood Teaching School Alliance, due to changes in the structure of Teaching Schools.   We will be partners of the local Teaching School Hub which is held by The Quay School. The Hub will co-ordinate provision in these areas; Initial Teacher Training, Early Career Framework, National Professional Qualifications, Appropriate Body and wider CPD.   I am sure that Linwood will continue to play a strong part in future provision.

In preparation for this change, from the 19th April 2021 Linwood Teaching School Alliance will become Linwood Training, Support & Advice, reflecting the ways in which we link with our education community. We will still be able to offer Boost funded CPD to staff within BCP schools . We will keep you updated with future developments.

Evaluations: Continuing Professional and Leadership Development

In May 2021, we asked SENCOs to comment on the quality, delivery and impact the funded training we have offered. Here are some of their responses.

Fantastic! So much on offer and excellent opportunities for staff to train in many areas.

So many useful training opportunities! They are vital to us.

Great variety and always listening to our learning needs.

I have done so many courses this year and they have all been so useful. The organisation and resources being sent out prior to the courses has been amazing. Thank you so much for providing so many different courses.

All the training we’ve had from LTSA has been fantastic – all staff are always really positive when they return 🙂 it’s really great that you ask us regularly for what we need.

This has been outstanding – our staff have really benefitted for these amazing opportunities

This  funded training has gone from strength to strength despite being online. This year a wider range of speakers and subjects and really high quality sessions. Lots to take away and implement. Easy to book and access. Thanks Jackie and Kate.

The funding has been extremely useful in ensuring that all our staff can access a range of professional development opportunities.

An excellent selection of high quality.

Excellent range. Really useful with lots of practical strategies given in presentations. All staff have had the opportunity to benefit from training.

The training is always of high standard. The choice and breadth of training is really good too. Always well organised and great communication. Virtual courses are great  Big thank you to Kate and Jackie for making every happen and being so helpful and welcoming!!







BOOST – Bournemouth Outreach Offer: SEND Together

Linwood School and Tregonwell Academy in partnership

As a service we provide Universal SEND support to schools (Primary and Secondary) and specific support for individual pupils at SEN Support & EHCP Level. We work in a solution-focused way, providing advice and guidance to help pupils achieve their potential.

BOOST Leaflet
BOOST Overview
BOOST Partnership Principles
BOOST Partnership Vision
BOOST Referral Information
BOOST Request Form SEND Training
Form 1. BCP Outreach Application Form

SEN Leadership Network – dates for 2021-22 Please book via workforcedevelopment – No charge to attend

For all School and Academy Leaders of SEND

These termly networks provide an opportunity for SENCos and other senior leaders from mainstream and special schools and colleges with responsibilities for vulnerable learners to meet, share ideas and hear the latest local, regional and national information and statutory requirements. There will be a focus on provision and outcomes for learners with special educational needs, disabilities and other vulnerabilities.

Leadership flyer annual 21-22

Summer Term Head Teacher network

For all School and Academy Leaders

Monday 28th June 2021 1pm-3pm. Please book via www.bcpworkforcedevelopment.co.uk or email


Delivered virtually, no charge to attend.

This network will feature presentation/ discussions around the EEF report SEND in mainstream schools.

HT network 28.6.21

 Speech and Sound Production, Stammering, Primary School Talk, Secondary School Talk, Supporting Social Language Difficulties (Primary and Secondary workshops) and Selective Mutism   available to book now – all delivered by the Paediatric Speech and Language Service.

Supporting Social Language Difficulties Primary

Selective Mutism June 2021

Secondary School Talk virtual 2021

DLD KS2,3,4


Peic D flyer Autumn 2021

The SHAPE CODING System – new date added for October 2021

We are delighted to be offering training from Dr Susan Ebbels from Moor House Research and Training Institute on The SHAPE CODING System.

Shape coding October 2021

“Get it right for SEN, get it right for all  ”  Delivered by Neil Mackay from Action Dyslexia Ltd.

We are delighted to be hosting Neil Mackay, once again, to deliver this day’s training which will provide delegates with solution focused approaches to address poor working memory, slow speed of processing, cognitive overload and mismatches between ability and achievement.

Get it right for SEN , get it right for all virtual November 2021

Current Programmes

School Direct – Train in Bournemouth to be a Primary Teacher

Looking towards a career in teaching?     Get in touch now!

Train to teach here! Applications for 2022 will open in October.

Read more…

School to School Support

How can we help you and your staff? Read more…

SENCO Accredidation

The National Award for SEN Coordination is a DfE approved post-graduate qualification for
teachers in the role of SENCO. Please click below to read more;-

SENCo Award information January 2020

Enc 6 SENCO flyer

Enc 7 SENCO Award Leaflet

SENCO Induction – Grow your own SENCO 2021-22 programme

Grow own SENCo flyer 2021 pub

Our own SENCO Induction programme suitable for new and future SENCOs in addition to those SENCOs wishing to update their knowledge. The programme consists of one date in the Autumn term and one date in the Spring term.

Autism Education Trust (AET) Training for Early Year, Schools  and Post 16- Professional Development Opportunities for Staff

AET Tier 2 Extended June 21

AET Tier 3 Schools May 2021 virtual delivery

Post 16 events 2021-22

We can offer AET Training as a whole school, or at our central events.  If you wish to arrange Tier 1 whole staff training (90 minutes) or Tier 2 whole staff training (all day), at your school,  please email jackiehorne@linwood.bournemouth.sch.uk .

Comic Strip Conversations – delivered by Vanessa Clark, Freemantles School, Surrey

Comic Strip Conversations were developed by Carol Gray as a method of unpicking social situations and helping young people to decipher the social world. We will look at the theory behind the strategy, how to use Comic Strips and how to imbed them into your classroom practice.

Comic Strip Conversations 23.9.21


Delivered by Pyramid Education Consultants.

The SoSAFE! Programme is a visual teaching tool which enables learners to develop their abilities in managing; and communicating about their relationships. The program covers all degrees of interaction; from a student’s expectations of strangers, to the intricacies of an intimate relationship.

SoSAFE! moves away from making feelings based decisions so we can enable and empower our learners to make their own judgments about what is okay to do with specific people. SoSAFE! provides a format which is portable and easy to understand, meaning that any student can discuss their relationships at any time. By giving students a set of ‘rules’ for different relationships they are better placed to realise when a relationship may not be acceptable and then have the tools to report potential abuse.

So Safe 2021

Primary Maths network – 10th June 2021

Content that will be covered;

• Follow up by a subject leader on the previous session led by Katie Crozier on Numberlink Boards
• Wave 1,2 and 3 provision and in particular the role of Wave 1 provision in supporting children in committing knowledge to long term memory
• Development of key number facts to long term memory and the pedagogy involved
• Discussion of network content in 2021/22

Maths network 10.6.21

Primary English Network – Critical Literacy “Reading between the lines”.

Led by Sandy Stockwell, Senior Lecturer at the University of Winchester

More than ever before, children are exposed to a vast array of texts, both in print and online, both written and visual. No text is neutral and children increasingly need to be able to recognise the Author’s intention and how this is achieved through text construction.This session will explore the thinking behind this together with  teaching strategies to enable children to become curious, engaged, active readers, able to use skills of inference, analysis and evaluation. No charge to attend.

Primary English flyer June 2021

Maximising the Practice of Teaching Assistants – new dates added October 21 and January 22

Research indicates that quality feedback on learning and the development of metacognition skills can boost pupil attainment. This  Improving pupil independence course provides TAs with the skills to scaffold learning and help pupils become confident, independent learners.

Based on the acclaimed book, The TA’s Guide to Effective Interaction, this course introduces TAs to the  scaffolding framework, and provides practical strategies and reflective activities. The course is suitable for teaching assistants, learning support assistants and other classroom support staff who support learning in all settings and at all stages.

This  MPTA programme  includes a 1½ hour pre-recorded  training for teachers, MPTA: What teachers need to know.

This 90 minute session provides teachers and leaders with essential information on how to plan for and deploy TAs in the classroom and ensure they can make full use of TAs’ new MPTA skills.

We are delighted to be working with the team at maximisingtas.co.uk

MPTA October 21

MPTA January 2022

Removing Barriers workshops

We are pleased to facilitate the following workshops; The Dyslexia friendly classroom, Down Syndrome awareness, The 5 Point Scale, Sensory Differences, Supporting SEN students with Maths, Dyscalculia, Fine Motor Skills and Visual Perception.

Down syndrome virtual June 21

Removing Barriers – Sensory Differences 28.6.21

Sensory circuits Sept. 21

Sensory circuits January 2022

Fine motor skills and visual perception

Developmental Co-ordination disorder November 2021  KS2/3/4


Mission Statement: “We aim to provide a centre of excellence in which individuals are valued and encouraged to give of their best.”


We offer professional development and networking opportunities for SEND Leadership, Primary Maths and Primary English.

To book a place on any of our Networks, please visit the BCP Workforce Development website