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Kate Tuck
LTSA Director
Kate Tuck LTSA Director

From September 2021, we will no longer be able to call ourselves Linwood Teaching School Alliance, due to changes in the structure of Teaching Schools.   We will be partners of the local Teaching School Hub which is held by The Quay School. The Hub will co-ordinate provision in these areas; Initial Teacher Training, Early Career Framework, National Professional Qualifications, Appropriate Body and wider CPD.   I am sure that Linwood will continue to play a strong part in future provision.

In preparation for this change, from the 19th April 2021 Linwood Teaching School Alliance will become Linwood Training, Support & Advice, reflecting the ways in which we link with our education community. We will still be able to offer Boost funded CPD to staff within BCP schools . We will keep you updated with future developments.

Evaluations: Continuing Professional and Leadership Development

We send out long term impact evaluations roughly 3 months after our training courses.  This evidences the impact the training has on pupils and staff.  Here are a selection of comments from the latest long term impact survey for courses attended in the Summer term:-

  • Children on our SALT caseload are having regular interventions each week on Shape coding. We are extremely pleased with the impact it is having on the progress of these children.
  • I found this training excellent and so informative. It really helped me to try to understand the position and feelings of the young people in our care and to never assume we know what is going on.
  • It has allowed me to pass key information to staff and ensure that they are able to use social stories correctly.
  • I feel much more confident to address any needs should we have a student in the future.
  • As a result of the course I have higher behaviour and academic expectations of the child I teach with Down Syndrome.
  • This new approach made total sense and I will certainly implement the strategies learnt within my practice.
  • In school he has stopped absconding and understands why and when his safe space is useful for helping him.
  • I have three children currently on the S&L register for Selective Mutism and another unofficial SM. This course has massively helped me this year in understanding those children and adapting my teaching to make them feel as comfortable as possible in my classroom.
  • Since attending the Social Stories training I have been able to write some social stories regarding toileting and transition. This has really helped the children and staff involved. The children are now able to go into the toilets, by themselves. The child involved with the transition story is doing really well.


BOOST – Bournemouth Outreach Offer: SEND Together

Linwood School and Tregonwell Academy in partnership

As a service we provide Universal SEND support to schools (Primary and Secondary) and specific support for individual pupils at SEN Support & EHCP Level. We work in a solution-focused way, providing advice and guidance to help pupils achieve their potential.

BOOST Leaflet
BOOST Overview
BOOST Partnership Principles
BOOST Partnership Vision
BOOST Referral Information
BOOST Request Form SEND Training
Form 1. BCP Outreach Application Form

SEN Leadership Network – dates for 2021-22 Please book via workforcedevelopment – No charge to attend

For all School and Academy Leaders of SEND

These termly networks provide an opportunity for SENCos and other senior leaders from mainstream and special schools and colleges with responsibilities for vulnerable learners to meet, share ideas and hear the latest local, regional and national information and statutory requirements. There will be a focus on provision and outcomes for learners with special educational needs, disabilities and other vulnerabilities.

Leadership flyer annual 21-22

February 22


Maths flyer annual 2021-22

Primary Maths network – Led by Claire Morse, Senior Lecturer, University of Winchester and Simon Lennon, Head Teacher, Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

Maths network 2.3.22

 Speech and Sound Production, Stammering, Primary School Talk, Secondary School Talk, Supporting Social Language Difficulties (Primary and Secondary workshops) and Selective Mutism   available to book now – all delivered by the Paediatric Speech and Language Service.


Stammering March 2022

Selective Mutism February 22

 “The Memory Lite Classroom”

  Delivered by Neil Mackay from Action Dyslexia Ltd.

We are delighted to be hosting Neil Mackay, once again, to deliver this sessions  which will provide delegates with solution focused approaches to address poor working memory, slow speed of processing, cognitive overload and mismatches between ability and achievement.  Delivered virtually.


Memory Lite April 2022

PECS – Level 1 Training

The evidence based Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is used to rapidly teach communication skills to those with limited functional speech. The PECS Protocol is successfully utilised in learning environments by hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide.

PECS Level 1 Training is engaging and interactive. It begins by teaching spontaneous request, teaches additional communicative functions such as responding to questions and commenting. Learn to implement the six phases of PECS and attributes, utilising the Pyramid Approach to Education Approved PECS Protocol. Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of how to implement the PECS Protocol in classrooms with learners who have complex communication and behavioural needs such as autism, and related disabilities.

PECS July 2022

Current Programmes

School Direct – Train in Bournemouth to be a Primary Teacher

Looking towards a career in teaching?     Get in touch now!

Train to teach here! Applications for 2022 open now!

Details of our course can be found by clicking ; https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1X3/H411

Read more…

School to School Support

How can we help you and your staff? Read more…

SENCO Accreditation

The National Award for SEN Coordination is a DfE approved post-graduate qualification for
teachers in the role of SENCO. Please click below to read more;-

SENCo Award information January 2020

Enc 6 SENCO flyer

Enc 7 SENCO Award Leaflet

Autism Education Trust (AET) Training for Early Year, Schools  and Post 16- Professional Development Opportunities for Staff

AET EY Good Autism Practice March 22

Post 16 transition Jan 2022

Autism & Anxiety Feb. 22

Autism & Exclusions March 22

Schools Making Sense of Autism May 22

We can offer AET Training as a whole school, or at our central events.  If you wish to arrange Making Sense of Autism (formerly Tier 1 ) whole staff training (90 minutes) or Good Autism Practice training (formerly tier 2)  whole staff training (all day), at your school,  please email jackiehorne@linwood.bournemouth.sch.uk

Comic Strip Conversations – delivered by Vanessa Clark, Freemantles School, Surrey and Social Stories training delivered by Dr Siobhan Timmins

Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations were developed by Carol Gray as a method of unpicking social situations and helping young people to decipher the social world. We will look at the theory behind the strategy, how to use Comic Strips and how to imbed them into your classroom practice.

Comic Strip Conversations 9.6.22

Social Stories

Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants

This half-day session is suitable for Senior and Middle Leaders and  SENCOs. It will provide an overview of the  MITA approach, the seven key areas for effective TA Deployment, and guidance for schools in how they can self-evaluate their practice. The session would give School Leaders an introduction to key themes, research and material from the MITA website and will compliment the Maximising the Practice of Teaching Assistants training.

MITA May 22

Removing Barriers workshops

We are pleased to facilitate the following workshops; The Dyslexia friendly classroom, Down Syndrome awareness, The 5 Point Scale, Sensory Differences, Supporting SEN students with Maths, Dyscalculia, Fine Motor Skills and Visual Perception.

Zones of Regulation – a Linwood case study

Dyscalculia January 2022

Down syndrome.June 2022

Removing Barriers – Sensory Differences 5.5.22

5 Point Scale virtual March 2022

Supporting LGBT+ Inclusion & SEND May 22

Dyslexia June 22

Signalong – Foundation 3 day course

Attendance at all 3 full day sessions is essential.

Signalong Foundation flyer March 2022

Autism and Relationships

2 half day sessions delivered virtually by Senior Leaders at Linwood School.  This course will explore the difficulties and challenges faced by young people when negotiating different types of relationships and the support that adults can give them.

Autism and Relationships Spring 22

Autism in Women and Girls

This Autism in Women & Girls training course has been specifically designed by Autism East Midlands in house training team and looks at raising the awareness of diagnosis of autism for women and girls. This course is suitable for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and explore areas around diagnosis and support for women and girls. This session will be of particular interest to those who want to learn more about the issues surrounding the diagnosis of and support for women and girls who are on the autism spectrum. Participants will gain an awareness of the autism spectrum condition in women and girls. It will provide participants with key areas of knowledge and understanding whilst exploring important themes such as the diagnosis of women and girls, social skills

Autism in Women and Girls February 22

Mission Statement: “An outward-facing, self-improving, centre of excellence.”


We offer professional development and networking opportunities for SEND Leadership, Primary Maths and Primary English.

To book a place on any of our Networks, please visit the BCP Workforce Development website