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Linwood Teaching School can offer a range of whole school reviews.

External Review of Governance

An external review of governance looks at how well your school’s governing body is working. An external system leader or governance professional works with the governing body, headteacher and clerk to improve the performance of your governing body. It aims to help your governing body to:

  • be more skilled, focused and effective
  • be more aware of the freedoms that it has to work in different ways
  • be clear in its vision for the school or academy and how, together with the school leadership team, it can achieve this
  • be confident that it has a clear delineation of roles and responsibilities
  • have the right number of skilled and committed governors to meet the needs of the school or academy
  • hold school leaders to account for improving outcomes for all pupils, including those who are disadvantaged
  • be clear about how it ensures that its young people are well prepared to be responsible citizens in Britain



Pupil Premium review

A pupil premium review looks at how your school is spending its pupil premium funding. The purpose of the review is to improve your school’s pupil premium strategy, so that you spend the funding on approaches shown to be effective in improving the achievement of disadvantaged pupils.



SEND review

A SEND review looks at how your education setting provides for pupils or students with special educational needs and disabilities.

The review findings will help you improve your SEND provision and strategy so you can help young people to achieve good outcomes.



MAT SEND review

The aim of the MAT Review is to support MATs in developing an understanding of effective ways to meet the requirements of all learners. For this process to have the necessary impact on learner outcomes, the MAT should have the confidence to state what it can do well and what it needs further support with. It is essential that the relationship between the reviewer and the MAT is an open, honest and collaborative one.





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